Concrete Grinding & Concrete Polishing

W.A.M. Floors has a small fleet of commercial concrete grinders with vaccums from 240v, 3 Phase units to Ride-on units to suit a variety of applications.

  • Tile cement and glue removal
  • Trip hazard removal
  • Slab levelling
  • Removal of existing tiles and vinyl

Concrete Polishing

Polish your concrete to a smooth shiny surface exposing stone.  This flooring is easy to clean, quick to dry and requires no maintenance as there is no product on top to wear away.  Every floor is unique and with new slabs you can design your floor with the use of different combinations of concrete, gravels and sands.  To add further colour you can also seed the concrete when it is being poured with glass, crystals or any matter that can be ground that will not deteriorate with time.

Polished concrete is the result of constant grinding of the concrete surface using different grades of diamond points.  It can take days of grinding to obtain the desired result and depending on the concrete the end result may not be the optimum finish. 

All concrete floors are different.  There is no guarantee that the surface will show an even disbursement of stone, especially with existing slabs.   Some concrete is harder than others, especially in the older floors and this can extend the time of the job.  Some concrete shines up better than others.  We can only aim to get the best result we possibly can.

When preparing to pour a new slab that is to be polished, consultation with the concrete supplier, concreter and builder is essential to determine the products available and the desired finish.