Ground Concrete with Two Pack Coating

Ground concrete with two pack coating is sometimes referred to as Polished Concrete however; there is a difference which occurs during the process.

With ground concrete, while the concrete is ground, hardened and filled, it is coated with a clear two pack sealer to obtain a gloss shine, where as polished concrete requires no two pack sealer.

Vinyl Flake

Vinyl Flake is another option available, vinyl flakes with a clear epoxy coating.

Solid colour with non-slip.

Coloured topping with clear two pack coating.

Depending on the traffic area, the sealer will need to be reapplied over time as although the treatment is extremely durable, it will scratch and dull with traffic.
Coloured Two Pack Coating can also be used for commercial applications such as warehouses and factories.  For something different coloured toppings or vinyl flakes can be added for a textured finish.  For areas requiring a non-slip surface, silica sand or aluminium oxide is added and then sealed with a clear coat.