Vinyl Stepless Showers / Shower Rooms

The health and educational industries have used commercial vinyl in bathrooms and wet areas for a very long time due to its resilience and ease of cleaning.  Commercial vinyl in bathrooms in homes is another alternative to tiles or lamipanel and provides a smooth seemingly seamless finish. 

Using safety vinyl on the floor negates the need for a shower base and provides more flexibility in the utilisation of the space in the room, as well as an easily accessible shower area.  (no steps)  The vinyl is coved up the wall so there is no need for skirting boards.

Commercial vinyl comes in a large range of colours, patterns and textures.  This allows the freedom of designing a room to suit your tastes, whether you prefer a single colour, different colours for the walls and floor or even integrating borders.  There is flexibility in the wall vinyl where the vinyl can be shower height in the shower area and skirting board height in the rest of the room or at varying heights around the room or floor to ceiling to create a shower room effect.

Vinyl is a product that is easy to clean with no maintenance and all seams are heat welded for strength.

These bathrooms are ideal for the people with busy lifestyles or for people with limited mobility who may need assistance.